The Small Moments

It wasn’t too far ago that my English Lit teacher took a class on Fritz Karinthy’s Refund.

It is a satire and I loved it.

Of course, the plot of the drama was quite excellent and the dialogues were extremely good.

The author had done a very good job with the witty remarks and natural responses. I honestly thought about the author, “How does he think of these things?”

Forget about the hidden allusions to the field of education becoming more like a money-churning business…

The question is how he managed to make nonsensical answers seem reasonable. In the beginning, the question-and-answer session cracks you up. You laugh at the absurdity, shake your head with a smile, but slowly you realize that you’ve been swept away by the work. You are amazed at how simply the author has put it. The very simplicity of the plot reflects the sheer brilliance, just because you think twice.

You see, the textbook was compiled in such a way that every student thinks about the reality around them. Most of them react as said before, you laugh, you admire the wordplay and then…nothing.

You don’t really understand the significance of what has been said, or do you? Is it that you don’t understand or rather you choose to ignore?

It puts into your mind a very disturbing question, if I must say.

How much of reality do you ignore? Is it a case where being ignorant is good?

And how do you draw the line???

All this from a short drama. Yes, that is what a good work means. And I’m pretty sure that the author’s soul rejoices, even if it is forgotten after a while.
It’s why we call it an art.

There are various ways of defining art, and to me something that makes you think, something that jolts you, something that makes you realize, and something that leaves you awestruck is art.

Photographs, verses, essays, sculptures, carvings, portraits…whatever it is, it strikes at your heart and leaves an impression. It’s like enlightenment.

You carry that small lesson within you for the rest of your life. Everyone has a moment you can never forget. A single moment that changed your perceptions.

As we speak about art, everyone has had that moment of clarity. A vision made clearer with the help of an artwork.

And it makes you appreciate. It makes you grateful.

You think of the good things around you.
You see the beauty and you indulge in it.
You forget the bad and the sad.
As with music lyrics, you sometimes indulge yourself in your personal hell and come out strong. But the core of the experience is the same. Whether you’re thinking about it or not, whether you’re forced to forget, whether you’re simply going with the flow, it doesn’t matter. Because, somehow something has changed.

A single moment that changes you.

You may have had only one such moment, or too many to count. You may be someone who’d rather ignore such foolishness, or someone who’d base their lives on these moments.

But you can’t deny that change happens.

“Nothing is permanent but change” is what I’ve written once. And it’s true…

So, how do you change??? How do you accept that change???

My personal favourite was, and still is, the last words of a novel that I read once and only once…and once was more than enough.

“Jennifer walked slowly down the deserted, windswept street. A light snow had begun to fall, casting a chiffon veil over the world. From an apartment building nearby there came a sudden burst of merriment, and it was such an alien sound that she stopped for a moment to listen. She pulled her coat tighter about  her and moved on down the street, peering into the curtain of snow ahead, as though she were trying to see into the future.
But she was looking into the past, trying to understand when it was that all the laughter died.”

It made me think twice…

It made me remember the happy things.

It made me grateful and it opened my eyes.

Sometimes, a single line, a low drum, a soulful tune changes you. Makes you realize that you’ve been ignorant of all this life, all this beauty around you…

So…what’s the next question, one might ask…it’s simple, actually.

Do you remember your moment?


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