True Self- Letter to the past

When I showed this blog to my friend, this is what she said,

“You sound so pompous! Like a rich snob!”

For the first few seconds I stood there gaping, probably looking more than stupid, because I expected her to applaud my move to publicly expose my writing. I was completely sure that she would have seen the courage I had to gather to put things into words and instead she called me a snob, something I really don’t want myself to be called.

And…I realized she was right.

It was written out of honesty but it didn’t show the real me well enough.

I am and always was conscious of writing the right way. But it turns out that when you pour yourself into it, it shows.

So, I’m gonna write.

I can’t imagine a world where words are not there. Language is such a beautiful thing. So many ways, so many for words for one feeling.

So for today, I’m writing something that I wished someone had told me when I was young.

It’s kind of like a letter to my past self. Maybe 10 years past.


I’m writing this so that I can say “I understand”. They’re not just words to placate you. I’m saying it because I know what it’s like.

Yes, I know it hurts. Yes, friends do hate. Yes, life’s going to change.

It may not be something that you would ever imagining happening to you, but yes, you’ll meet your true friends. They’re going to make you laugh, from your belly. They’re gonna fight with you because you weren’t brave enough. They will make you cry, from joy. And they’re gonna be there when you’re sad. So hold on. Just for a while longer…

I know you dream of becoming a writer. So even if you don’t show them to anyone, just don’t stop. Keep reading those books. It’s going to be your biggest asset. Study…learn, understand.

I know you’re shy, but go ahead and speak out. Show them you’re good at it.

I know it hurts, but hold on, things are going to get better.

Yes, becoming an adult is what you want to be, but go the slow way. Keep the vibrancy in you.

Don’t let other people say you just got it by chance. You know more than anyone how you worked for it.

Yes, life’s funny. And ironic.

Keep riding the bike. Keep looking at the sky for clouds. Keep smiling.

Yes, you’re going to get a kitten. And no, there are no flying cars…yet.

You’re never going to believe which subject you’re going to take in college.

And no, you’re not going to hate it. In fact, you’ll love it.

Oh and you’ll finally be able to eat an entire burger…all by yourself. And yes, you’ll see the world, slowly slowly.

So guess what…life’s beautiful.





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