Trains and trips

When you go on trips, there always some things that you’ll never forget. Whether it be the snoring guy across the aisle or the kid who thinks of you as a drum, and my personal favourite is the dedicated employee, whose paperwork and next day work everybody knows since he kindly shouts it through the … More Trains and trips

Everyday Happiness

Sometimes you really feel the need to get away. What if you got an opportunity to just take two weeks off and pack and go somewhere where you have to do nothing.  It would be a godsend, especially when you have that pressing feeling in your gut to just unload. For someone who dreams of … More Everyday Happiness

One Afternoon in Nairobi

It was around 11 AM and the sky was still overcast. The entire scenery was a dull grey colour. The dew had not yet disappeared. In one of the tall cacti, I saw this shot and clicked. It’s not cliche when you say that you knew even before you clicked, the picture would be great.

In Nairobi

I knew that Nairobi was green unlike other cities and was quite contrary to the idea of an “African Country”. No, it’s not all dry and deserted. It’s green. It’s very green. I keep saying green because I have no other explanation. Hilly ranges, dark grey clouds overhead, you’re in a car waiting for the … More In Nairobi