Everyday Happiness

Sometimes you really feel the need to get away. What if you got an opportunity to just take two weeks off and pack and go somewhere where you have to do nothing.  It would be a godsend, especially when you have that pressing feeling in your gut to just unload. For someone who dreams of living in a small house on the side of a cliff, it’s like a dream come true to have a trip.

A journey no matter how small it is, is still a journey. The thoughts of packing, of seeing something new, of experiencing things…it all shows how much you are alive.

What do you do when you can’t go anywhere?  You may just have a weekend, or even a few hours to relax. What then?

It’s not always possible to find the time or resources to just whisk yourself away to another country. It takes time and effort and…to be honest a good amount of money.

For someone who is aware of the constraints and responsibilities placed upon them, it is easy to get bogged down with thoughts. You find yourself increasingly irritable or maybe moody. Your mind drift and you find yourself immersed in thought, sometimes dreams. If it is cold, you imagine a warm place, maybe a beach or a fireplace or a cup of hot chocolate. When it’s hot, you imagine about a place where there are cool winds and distant mountains. You would get up in the morning and stand in the balcony and gaze upon the scenery. When the rain clouds come, you’d take a chair and place it there and watch as the lightning comes closer and closer.

And suddenly you’re yanked back into reality and you think, “Yeah, right. As if that’s going to happen!”

But there should be ways to unwind.

Whether you have days or hours to spend on yourself, there are always ways.

You could just sleep with the speakers on loud. Close the door for a while and let no one in. No phones, no work, no nothing. If you find yourself thinking of all the things to do, just sing the song you’re listening to. Or at least focus on the lyrics.

I have found that thinking about the story or imagining the plot of the story behind the lyrics relaxes me. It sounds crazy, I know. But I find myself imagining the people involved, the emotion behind the words and it’s like I’m watching a movie in my mind.

I found my own way to peace.

What could be yours?

My friends and I are separated by miles and continents. What we do to unwind is send messages of music lyrics. We just send these lines which could be about anything and we just hang out. It sounds weird, but it helps a lot. We get the feeling that we’re together, singing along instead of being apart.

This is our way of finding solace.

Every day brings a new question of “What would today be like?”

It’s a matter of finding happiness, in the most basic way.

It’s like getting a cool drink when you’re parched, a warm blanket when watching midnight movies, a song that suddenly describes you, a joke that tickles you, the smell of home.

You need to ask yourself…you need to think before you sleep.

“What’s my ‘everyday happiness’?”



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