Trains and trips

When you go on trips, there always some things that you’ll never forget. Whether it be the snoring guy across the aisle or the kid who thinks of you as a drum, and my personal favourite is the dedicated employee, whose paperwork and next day work everybody knows since he kindly shouts it through the phone.
Well, life is funny but once you get on the train, it gets even more funnier. Why? Here are the reasons.
1) You get to play musical chairs
The seats 9 and 10 were ours, but the two were window seats of two different rows. There were people sitting in 8 and 9 and a middle aged lady in 10. The young ladies of 8 and 9 requested us to cooperate to give them those seats as theirs were 6 and 8. When they looked at us and saw that ours were also apart, they were very desperate. Then, the elderly gentleman of seat 5 willingly rose to sit in front on seat 10, which was already occupied as mentioned earlier. When he saw that it was a lady who’d occupied it, he sat back down saying that he hadn’t seen that the seat had been occupied. Then, the girls in 8 and 9 were asked to sit in 5 and 6 while the man in 5 sat in 9. Then one of us sat in 8. I was about to ask the lady to give me my seat, which was 10, but I sat in her seat which was 11. So we sat in perfect harmony as we didn’t bother each other. Then comes the man of seat number 12 and the mother and child sitting in seat 14 asks him if they can sit in 12. So 13 and 14 are all men now, and 10, 11, 12 are all women. Then everyone enjoyed the AC journey in calm bliss.
2) You get unofficial work experience
You hear the man speaking loudly on the phone and the way he talks could indicate that some sort of financial crisis is happening in some office. His serious yet loud tone carries to atleast 2 rows in front and behind. You hear him imparting valuable advice on how to find the file kept in his shelf and how to read the name of the company on the file. Then you will hear him speak of dizzying numbers on how long he worked to get that particular project done and the finances spent. After that comes the most important lesson of how to advance in your career, let others know how important your job is and how important you are to the company you work in by repeating that YOU did it first.
Thank you dear man, for letting the entire coach know the filing system you follow which is clearly more efficient than anyone else’s and the way you effectively complete your work after the due date and still come out a star. Note: You may require this in your future job.
3) You will discover fun, new mobile apps
How is that possible, you might ask. It’s simple. The person sitting in front of you will be playing every single game or party app which has the most horrible music you ever would have heard. Each click and swipe is heard so clearly that you know what his score is without even seeing. Now you know when to cheer for him and when not to. Do not talk to him when he is sitting silently after all of his lives are over, he is now a fuming volcano.

There are these kind of people who annoy, irritate and infuriate you but on the other hand, there are some people who change you without being conscious of it.
4) You can find a variety of people

The mother who is traveling to her son’s college because he falls sick, is concerned and trying not to panic and talks to her neighbor in an attempt to distract herself during the short yet long ride. In her rant, she reveals how hard she has been working to send her son the fee while he goes on spending it for his “friends”.

5) You learn to be agile

Not to be sarcastic, but really you never feel like disturbing the kid who has been jumping all this time and suddenly falls asleep. No matter how much his energy has tired you out simply by watching him, when he blocks the aisle and you have to answer nature’s call, you just maneuver yourself and try not to brush him, not because you don’t want to wake him up but because you’re envious of the way he sleeps. Deep inside, a part of wishes you could go back to that age and sleep just as innocently. So you probably strain your entire torso away from the child and inch away slowly, like you’re about to brush against an infrared beam in a high security museum.

6) You learn patience

After reasons 1 to 5, it would be amazing if you didn’t learn what patience is.


So…go and find a reason to enjoy a train ride which would always bring you unexpected memories. Trains are fun, whether they are long or short. You see a whole new world. You find funny things happening around you. You get to see people, know them, understand them.

And it’s just awesome.

So, what all experiences have you had while on trips?

Rewind and remember with fondness…



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