Swimming in a new pool

We buy fishes for our home and put them in the tanks we buy for them and they start swimming. As long as you provide the essentials, they live for as long as 10 years. In essence, they keep swimming in the new pool without any hesitation. At least that’s what I think.

What about humans?

What does one do in a new environment?

Whether it’s a new workplace, a new house, a new hostel, a new college, a new place, or a new job. We set a routine and slowly personalize the space we use. We bring in things that are comforting. We put up photos, our stuff, cups, trinkets and even books and papers. Basically, we just spread our stuff around so that wherever we may look, we find something of ours. It marks that space as ours. Just ours. When we finish, put our hands on our hips and look around, there will be this satisfaction. This feeling happens only after we get transplanted and build our own nest wherever we are. It’s the feeling you get that this is the place you’ll be at for the next few years.

When it happened to me, I put all my books on the table. Novels, texts, notebooks…

What would you place in your sight?

I would never think of placing funny figurines, like my friend does or to put all the food stuff out. There are also people who put all their makeup in trays, or cups and plates close by. But it made me realize that this is what makes people so uniquely different. That this is how people remember their home.

It’s very difficult to admit, but when you’re at home, you dream of flying and when you are free and independent, you miss home like anything. No matter how successful, independent or busy you are, home is home. And you’ll miss it.

It’s a rule. We always think that we would never look back and wish we had more time to enjoy whatever it was back then. It’s true when more experienced people say that whatever phase you’re going through, it will be silly once you reach their age.

All the proverbs, cliches you can think of childhood sound true now that you’re no longer a child, but it doesn’t mean you have to regret. You don’t have to regret anything, because whatever  happened made you who you are. So, just look back…laugh out loud at how silly you were and smile. Memories are precious. You’re lucky to have made them.

Basically, just smile.

Who knows, what if you just made someone’s day by just smiling???


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