Camera-less in heaven

The sad cry of the soul still echoes. Profusely I wished I had the sense to bring my trusty D40.

It was Day Zero and a very famous violinist was mesmerizing the audience. The lights danced in and around the mist surrounding the figures on the stage. A million times I was horrified because I just missed a very good click.

A thousand movements that I wanted to capture, a thousand expressions…

Never go without your camera…I had always had this philosophy drilled into my head. Whatever I give as an excuse would be too lame, because I know better.

On the other hand, I stood there immersed in a first-of-its-kind experience. The way those notes flew on the violin. His bow was moving so rapidly that the only thought I had was that he was playing only hemidemisemiquavers. But what a performance!

It takes not just talent and passion, it takes hours and hours of dedication. To hear this musical band, I am lucky. It was not even difficult to enjoy those complicated stuff that music afictionados usually do…

But still….my hands were automatically going to the camera which was not there.

I thought….D40………..where are you?!

Lesson learnt…

Never, ever leave your camera behind. EVER.


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