I fell in love…

One single look is all it took.
I looked and was endlessly mesmerized. I could feel my soul just yearn and sigh. An arm’s length apart and yet I felt I was absorbed.
I could make out a thousand colours and a thousand meanings in those depths…
For a while, my ears remained deaf to the cacophony around and my eyes could only pore greedily.
It’s true when they say that your world stands still, tilts beneath your feet and then continues to turn. All the while, you are left behind with the inexplicable feeling that you are never going to be the same.

It does not shame me to say I am talking about a photograph, not a person.
I am not trying to be funny or anything, but it is what it is.
It was a picture that brought out the deepest longing in my heart and told me that it could happen.

It was a photo of an elderly couple sitting apart on a bench and yet together. It meant that they lived for each other.
It is a question to be pondered upon. One can easily bluff into saying I can do that for the one I love, but how much effort, how much patience goes into it…
Is it enough to put your 110% into it?
Is being sincere and kind enough?
There’s an answer to the question, ‘How far would you go to protect the one you love?’. The answer is ‘However far it takes.’

But…how can you know?


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