There is a time when you have to make a potentially life-altering choice. When the people around you are already happy about it even before you decide, you get a nasty feeling in your gut. Something inside keeps saying “No…no….no…no…”

It may be a great opportunity. It may be something that anyone would crave. Even then, if it goes against your guts, what to do?

Do you go for the obviously sensible option and take the safe, secure choice or do you decide to wait?

What if you’ll never get what you’re hoping for? What if you wait in vain?

But what if you regret the choice for the rest of your time? Can you live with yourself by settling?

See, it is never a black and white situation. Sometimes, taking the safe option is the best. Because you can never pin your entire future on a possibility or a distant hope. The sacrifice of your ambition would be worth it at that time.

But then again, there are times when you will be forced to change your entire life plan just for the sake of  this option, what will you do…?

All I can say is, think not twice…but a million times.

Don’t take any decision in haste. Ask people, understand the repercussions of either choice.  And please do ask people from both sides, people who will answer differently…who have different opinions.

Finally, you’ll know what to do.

Take a deep breath and plunge. But decide beforehand that whatever the decision, you’ll never regret it. And that if in case it turns out to be the wrong decision, there’s a plan B.

All the best people!


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