Negative and negative equals positive!?

“Poets take the weather personally” I read somewhere…

It’s true though. Now, as I sit by my window and feel the chilly wind rattle the shutters and the wayward raindrops wetting the floor, I have no other choice than to feel nostalgic. It’s mandatory.

It’s mandatory.

All those wistful thoughts and wishes rise up and flood your mind. You keep working but you remain preoccupied. All those heavy thoughts just bear down upon you.

You sigh as if you are the heroine in a romantic star-crossed novel. And you dream with a silly smile on your lips.

That’s how the weather makes me behave.

Everyone has their own personal quirk. Mine is that I honestly take the weather personally.

When the winds undo my hair, I just think of distant lands and forgotten hopes. When it rains, I think of the unsaid words and unshed tears…

There’s no way to escape this enchanting mindset. It is an alluring place to be in.

But I have found an effective way to counter the effects!

I repeatedly listen to those songs which bring about sad, sad feelings. At first, you will only hear those notes resounding in your mind, bringing to life all those haunted memories (imagined and real). Then, slowly…you tire of them. You throw off the cobwebs and pull yourself together and say….”This is starting to irritate me!”

Then you come back to the earth. Slowly, steadily, your feet touch the ground.

And you feel grounded. You feel as if you returned home from a long, long journey.

So, there you go…

A sad song in a sad mood helps you regain your positivity!

My personal favs are

1) Rose’s Song from Titanic
2) Ivarelli Sad & Fast
3) Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri
4) Letter to Yamini – Uttama Villain Movie
5) Apologize Instrumental
6) Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
7) Top of the World – Dixie Chicks
8) My Heart Will Go On – Instrumental
9) To The End of Feelings – Inu Yasha Track
10) Demons – Imagine Dragons
11) Stitch by Stitch – Javier Colon
12) Somebody’s Me – Enrique Iglesias
This is just the beginning!!!

So make ur negative, a positive!!!


Beautiful Beauty Parlor?

This beauty parlor/salon was one of the well-known ones. However, it had been many months since I had been there. While driving to the place, I remembered fondly the warm staff and warm head massages.

I used to go there for the one-hour head massages that would make you ooze bliss from every pore.

As I was ushered in, I was ambushed by the toxic scent of chlorine and bleach. My eyes watered and I could only look around helplessly, wondering…What the hell?

I hoped I had been mistaken about the smell, and once I was led to my private room, the smell was gone. It was gone not because the room had a lily-fresh fragrance lingering in the air, but because the seedy smell of damp walls and dank ACs filled it.

I felt trapped. I had scoffed at countless horror movies where the heroine manages to “accidentally” (read stupidly) find herself alone in an airtight chamber/haunted room/shower cubicle. Aha….now those heroines must be scoffing at me!

I lay down on the bed gingerly, looking here and there, determining that the smell faded away soon. Then I felt some movement on my unbound tresses! I was paralysed with surprise. I didn’t want to , but I did imagine all sorts of nasty, gross creatures coming out of the wall to maybe, possibly nibble on my hair.

It wasn’t. Thank God!

It was only the water dripping from the AC. 😀


Yes. Yes, there was water dripping from the AC. I was very forgiving at that moment because, there were no nibbling creatures. I was safe.

I just shifted myself a bit away from the errant drop and relaxed. The “friendly” lady staff just grabbed an AC remote from somewhere and switched it on. Finally! I hoped for blessed relief. However, as the AC turned on, the vents through which conditioned, fragrant breeze came opened and dumped a litre of water. If I had not been looking up, I would have found my face and hair wet and smelling of Eau de Mustiness. Good!!!

The lady exclaimed and kept babbling to me in what sounded like Spanish (impossible in India) and gestured to me. She stopped suddenly, said “Ai…I mean, madam, please shift downward.” I was like, “Hey, ok…I don’t want any vengeance wreaked on me like this. ”  I chuckled at myself for being so funny and smart! 😉

And I shifted down. I couldn’t enjoy the head massage that followed (although I tried) because the plug of the Oil Heating Machine kept on pulling out because it wasn’t too long, the AC had to be switched off every now and then because there wasn’t enough voltage for the AC and the Heating Machine to share and the friendly staff was making quick rounds around my head. After, half an hour I emerged, grateful for escape. I quickly signed my name on the bill, paid and drove back to my home as if the hounds of hell were chasing me.

I had started to giggle but I stopped myself quickly.

After half an hour I emerged, grateful for escape. I quickly signed my name on the bill, paid and drove back to my home as if the hounds of hell were chasing me.

As I recollected the entire incident, I kept chuckling.

So much for a relaxing hour!

But I have to admit that it was most entertaining!