Negative and negative equals positive!?

“Poets take the weather personally” I read somewhere…

It’s true though. Now, as I sit by my window and feel the chilly wind rattle the shutters and the wayward raindrops wetting the floor, I have no other choice than to feel nostalgic. It’s mandatory.

It’s mandatory.

All those wistful thoughts and wishes rise up and flood your mind. You keep working but you remain preoccupied. All those heavy thoughts just bear down upon you.

You sigh as if you are the heroine in a romantic star-crossed novel. And you dream with a silly smile on your lips.

That’s how the weather makes me behave.

Everyone has their own personal quirk. Mine is that I honestly take the weather personally.

When the winds undo my hair, I just think of distant lands and forgotten hopes. When it rains, I think of the unsaid words and unshed tears…

There’s no way to escape this enchanting mindset. It is an alluring place to be in.

But I have found an effective way to counter the effects!

I repeatedly listen to those songs which bring about sad, sad feelings. At first, you will only hear those notes resounding in your mind, bringing to life all those haunted memories (imagined and real). Then, slowly…you tire of them. You throw off the cobwebs and pull yourself together and say….”This is starting to irritate me!”

Then you come back to the earth. Slowly, steadily, your feet touch the ground.

And you feel grounded. You feel as if you returned home from a long, long journey.

So, there you go…

A sad song in a sad mood helps you regain your positivity!

My personal favs are

1) Rose’s Song from Titanic
2) Ivarelli Sad & Fast
3) Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri
4) Letter to Yamini – Uttama Villain Movie
5) Apologize Instrumental
6) Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
7) Top of the World – Dixie Chicks
8) My Heart Will Go On – Instrumental
9) To The End of Feelings – Inu Yasha Track
10) Demons – Imagine Dragons
11) Stitch by Stitch – Javier Colon
12) Somebody’s Me – Enrique Iglesias
This is just the beginning!!!

So make ur negative, a positive!!!


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