Editing a grammar-nerd!

It was with great pride that an acquaintance tagged me in an FB post.

It was a pondering on a famous painting that depicted an epic mythological scene.

This particular scene shows when exactly the turning point happened in the story and how after this moment, nothing would ever remain the same.

I agreed with this person’s views because I myself had countless times thought the very same thing about the very same painting.

I could see many people hailing her talent in thinking on such a deep level!

Unfortunately, the only thing I could think of was…

You wrote “starred” instead of “stared”.

The joke doesn’t end there…


I kindly, politely mentioned this to her in a personal message. And I see the next day on her wall, another post that talks about dogs barking when they cannot tolerate the sun’s brilliance and that the sun should keep burning brightly.

Ah…I am reminded of those days when my seniors used to correct me on the slightest of things, hoping for things to be perfect.

And we used to humbly accept those corrections, knowing that they want only good things for us.

Regrettably, such humility is no longer seen among our fellow sapiens!

Ah! Well…the only thing you can do is to let them shine brightly in their ignorance for you cannot save all of them! 😛

However, one small lesson learnt for myself

Make sure you have a reality-check every now and then for yourself. You might think you’re going the right way and doing the right thing. You might even be justified thinking that. However, a second opinion from a trusted person can never hurt.

Just to make sure you’re still right.


Enjoy the evening!!!


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