Every cat owner has a million stories to tell every day.

All those memes one sees online regarding these furry feline creatures is 100% true.

Like any other day, my beautiful Reo came through the window and fell asleep on my bed. Few hours later, he went beneath the cot and brought out a dead chameleon.


As any girl would do in such a situation… I ran out of the room shrieking! 😛 😀

(Girl Code #337 – At the sight of something scary/disgusting/slimy, a girl must shriek)

And I smartly smacked my beloved cat on his bottom and he realized that maybe gifting me with a dead chameleon will not give him more body rubs/food/hugs/sleep time.

He knew I was displeased and that he is grounded.

He sits by the window and sulks as seen in the picture above!


However, I must admit that I miss his silly antics 😦



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