Ah…it’s amazing how a frustrating experience can change everything.

I’m sure that every college has electives in the final year of study.

In mine, they offer an elective only if there are 6 people. There used to be a self-study option for those interested in taking an elective yet do not have count for the classes.

I am one such person. I went to the HOD to get his permission to undertake a self-study course and gain the relevant credits. But, what I hadn’t known beforehand is that they had stopped such an option because “there was a policy decision”.

Bah…nothing like that. The honest truth came out later when I accidentally found that the self-study option was too much of a bother for the faculty (Read: They were too lazy to offer the course) since the students didn’t take it seriously.

Lol…so funny yet not so funny. Despite assurances and proof that I will indeed take the subject seriously and having especially nice professors willing to offer that option, the HOD just blasted at me saying “Why are you making unnecessary requests?! You don’t need to change the system!!! You just have to go with the flow!!!!!”

Cue here an internal bulb going off, a volcano erupting, a righteous anger bubbling inside my mind.

Frustration doesn’t begin to cover it. There is a new energy in me now, to make sure that the elective is offered!

Gah…i wonder if when people had said things like “You can’t do it” or “Don’t bother bringing in change”, would the world remain the same?

No way!!!

The world we are in right now was created by those who rebelled against monotony. It is made up of the doers, not the yes-men.

History was created by men/women who broke the system!!!

This reminds me of these great people who swam against the tide –

  1. Robert Frost (Of course!)  – He explains why it is important to choose your own path to happiness in his poem “The Road Not Taken” which has inspired me ever since I read it when in school.
  2. The discovery that the earth is round – Some credit it to Eratosthenes, while some say it is Parmenides or even Hesiod. Whatever it is, they were literally crucified for saying something blasphemous at that time.
  3. Galileo – for saying the earth is not the centre of the universe. I still remember how bad I felt when I read the story of his discovery and subsequent suffering. Now, years later people hail him when back when he was alive, people hated him.

These are few names I had at the top of my mind and I’m sure I have missed many…

So why don’t you share your experience when someone  said you can’t do it and how you made it happen!!!




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