Hehehe…everyone (well, almost everyone) believes in the strength of their sun sign over their lives…

At least I believe in it in selected cases.

When – you might think?

Some believe it when things happen to them that they never expected but was written in that Horoscope/Astrology column.

For some, their entire lives are a copy of Linda Goodman’s book.

But as for me, I believe in it only when I feel down and feel like I need an Ego-boost.

Hence, the title!!!

Ha…so…I, myself, whenever feel like things are just not going my way, just read through blog posts or Tumblr posts or even FB posts just to see what they have said about me (my sign) today.

Of course, you feel really good when they say that

“This sign is the most persistent of all” & “They are all-rounders” or even “They have very high expectations and always focus on the next step”…

Oh yes! I feel good when I hear that…and that’s why I believe in the power of words.

Any word uttered in the right sense, can build dreams, reassure timid hearts, give hope to a person.

And a word wrongly uttered, hurts, shatters and destroys.

I have seen people mention casually, sarcastic and rude comments who do not realize that they just tipped the balances for someone else.

A word is so powerful that you can unknowingly empower a random person.

I have experienced it when someone who personally didn’t like me, came up to me one day and said sarcastically, “Just because everyone calls you for help, doesn’t mean you are a genius and that you can do anything.”

There is a saying that you should not judge words by the person who says them but by their quality.

I was initially shocked to hear such animosity, but when I thought back, that person had just indirectly complimented me.

I thought – Ah…I never knew that I could be that kind of a person.

I was humbled.

That person who never spoke to me in a kind way had given me a start to being someone better. And I was inspired to become a better person, a kinder person.

Words – seemingly harmless, but all-powerful.

This reminds me of the great quotes and proverbs my elders used to teach me…

They all talk about how the spoken word is golden and can shape not just yourself but the reality around you.

Here goes…

“One kind word can warm three winter months”

“Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”

“Pleasant words are honey from a honeycomb—Sweet to the soul, and health to the bones”

“Speech that is embellished by truth and love yields all one’s wishes, drives away poverty, builds a reputation, prevents wrong doings”

“We speak such harsh words, most of the times it makes a deep dent in the mind of the hearer.”

And that should do…:-) 😀

Speak thoughtfully. You never know who’s life you will change.


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