Life’s full of 2 kinds of experiences.

  1. The happy moments
  2. The learnings

The first fuels you. It keeps your vitality intact.

The second first breaks you, then joins you back together into a new you.

The second happens more often than we would like, but eh…that’s life.

The latest lesson learnt is on responsibility.

When you take initiative, there are of course moments when you haven’t been able to overlook every little detail and that one detail you missed will come back and bite you.

The whole show (or maybe even a small part of the show) is on you. You are responsible for that small or big thing. You take it upon yourself to do your best, your 110%.

And if it does go well, it is forgotten easily after the round of applause. The hard work and the sleepless nights, the running around is hidden from memory.

But if it doesn’t, then all fingers point to you. Most usually, this happens when something out of your control changes things. There’s no one (or maybe everyone) to blame.

But you are there. You, the one with the broadest set of shoulders!

When they look at you with disappointment in their gaze and in their tone, that really hurts.

When you know you’ve done everything possible to avoid/overcome it and still you fail, then what? How can you tell them it wasn’t your fault when you could have done something…anything?

Well, guess what…you can’t!


You are NOT God.

Mistakes happen. You overlook certain details. Take responsibility, apologize, be a professional.

Even in the workplace, make sure you own up to it. I know it hurts. But take it, and think…what should be done next?

Tomorrow is another day. You can rewrite or start a new chapter.

Your mistakes today, make it easier for you to avoid them tomorrow.

It is insanity only if you repeat them. Don’t.

Tips to avoid the mistakes:

  1. Make sure you have a Plan B, C, D even Z!
  2. Have a emergency/contingency budget always
  3. Don’t panic. Just take a deep breath and a step back.
  4. Do not react. Respond like a professional.
  5. Do the necessary steps to clear the aftermath
  6. Say sorry only once. Never more than that. You know you did a mistake, you own it and move on.
  7. Do not let people who are seemingly concerned about you make you do things or suggest ideas
  8. Stop feeling guilty! I know…I do the same…but stop!! Just STOP!
  9. Know that you can always find a solution.
  10. At the end of everything, smile and tell yourself “Everything’s gonna be ok”
  11. The best thing is…go to a friend and rant…even if they can’t do anything, you’ll have a clearer mind and feel fresh.


Be happy, keep smiling.

Today’s mistakes are lessons learnt πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€



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