Funny things that happen on Valentine’s Day

I know that V-day is a day where you can say a thank you to that special someone for being part of your lives, for staying with you through it all and most of all to make up for all the silly and stupid mistakes you’ve made. BUT! I am honestly someone who doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. I’m not saying I go out celebrating single-dom and the doom of my friends in relationships on that day.

No…no way!

To me it’s just another day and happy because it happens to be on a Sunday so I can binge on absolutely awesome rom-coms on TV. Heh…beat that!

Now, i’m not having anything against Valentines and I don’t mind spending a romantic time out either, but all this hype for one day of the year?

Um…no…thanks. Especially when I read the newspaper article on stampedes happening in malls to buy chocolates for ALL your male co-workers. What?! Why would you do that? If he’s your other half, why can’t you gift something unique or at least hand-made chocolate (it’s not that difficult to make!)? And if they are just your co-workers and you like them in the friend space, then why would you give all of them chocolates? All of them? What if you work in a 1000+ employee company? Sheesh…

Now, back to the funny and real things that I happened to witness on V-day. Of course, most of these happen on social media.

  1. FB/Twitter/Whatsapp status asking for a date on Valentine’s – Reminds me of the meme I once saw that said “I know my true love is not waiting online”. Dude…ask her, if there is someone you like. If not, don’t give the entire world an option! This is not a job announcement! People are not going to say “Oh, let me volunteer for this position!”. Huh.
  2. Selfies/Pics of gifts received with a thank you note from your HUSBAND/WIFE – He’s your husband! He gave that gift to you! He won’t be spending V-day with anyone other than you! So, we know who you spent it with! And why do you have to post every little thing he gifted you? The key chain, the wrapping paper, the note on the wrapping paper, the pen with which he used to write the note! I kid you not, this actually happened. I’m not here to inventory your V-day gifts and compare them with mine. Nope.
  3. “Being single” pics/status – Huh…why do you feel threatened by the fact that you are single? So threatened that you have to post about the awesomeness of being alone. Dude…it is a fact that all single people want to be a couple and all couples (maybe not all) want to be single on V-day! You know…grass being greener on the other side and all.
  4. “Lonely single” pics/status – I know you haven’t found your soulmate/GF/BF on this day. But hey…no need to shed tears over that fact! It’s not like Feb 14 is the only day when you can auspiciously understand who your life partner is! You have the rest of your life! Hey man…there are other people tryin’ to enjoy here…Guess what man…You is good. You is awesome!
  5. Video montage of past lives…er…I mean past years – I directly facepalm. I did not know your better half had used that brand of diapers. No way! I think even I used the same! This is a collection of your family’s memories, of the best moments. Do you really have to show to this to the world? Can’t you keep it within the family? I mean, there’s a reason why they are called family albums! (just kidding)


Top of my mind, that’s all I got.

If you have faced any, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Comment away!

PS: Hope you guys had a great Valentine’s Day 🙂


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