Of Pants & Crop Tops

Okay…you are walking in full swag in your awesome crop top paired with a tank (Coz you are too shy to expose your belly!) and brand new Van Heusen pants(trousers) down the hallway…and a classmate laughs and asks “Haha…you stole your niece’s top?”

And what’s worse is that the guys around laugh with him!

You look at him incredulously and say “It’s a crop top!”

And the guys look at you as if you landed from Mars!

I thought, seriously?! You guys don’t know a crop top?

I mean, it’s like the rage all over!

Well…that’s one type of guy I’ve met. The Mr Ignorant.

They have no idea what the latest fashion is, smirk and mock those who wear a halter neck or crop top. Funny thing is they sometimes look at trends as a horrifying.

Eg: Girl is wearing a racerback tank for an off-shoulder top. Guy keeps staring at her during the whole class. At the end of the class, he somehow tries to tactfully say something to her. She doesn’t get his hints when he just openly says…”You know, you should buy fitting tops coz your camisole was always visible. You know…” and she stares dumbstruck at him.

I was there when this happened and I could not control my laughter. I just walked away because I was not able to control it!

On the other extreme, you have Mr Know-It-All, he’s the one you should really watch out for. Because, if that person is your friend, you will get non-stop fashion advice on why you shouldn’t ruin that wonderful dress with calf-high boots but rather with an ankle length boot! If he happens to be your better half, then it is worse! You have a nightmare just imagining shopping with him. Earlier, it would be a random, fun event. Now, you either go shopping under his duress or try to escape without him!

Eg: Guy and his girlfriend walk into a lingerie shop. (Yes…yes…i know…). He suggests that she try on certain things. She smiles smugly at our envy and strolls into the changing room. She calls out to him to check it out. He exclaims loudly how that piece doesn’t suit her but rather she should go for something else. He means no harm, he just wants her to look great in something that she can really pull off but she had her eye set on something that genuinely didn’t suit her. So, he tries to convince her. He reasons with her extolling why her figure didn’t carry it off! She was so embarrassed and we felt kinda bad for her. And he kept on going so sincerely too…


Don’t know why I thought I’d share this! Enjoy the funny moments you’ll have with your friends. I’m sure we all have witnessed something similar before.

🙂 😀


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