The movie is better?!

Ask any book lover and they will always say that the book is better than the movie.

There are countless memes describing the plight of the reader, where he/she reads the book first and waits with bated breath to view its screen adaptation and how they get disappointed that the storyline veers from the original.

The non-reader can’t just understand our pain! They don’t realise that the essence of the story lies in those small details that movies overlook.

However, a big however for me is that there are certain books which are very popular and famous and “trending” which after reading simply dislike.

I’m sorry to actually say this, but I just can’t appreciate some of them!

(Apologies to the fan-doms out there)

But yes, in such cases I found that the movie is better than the books. Why???

  1. I don’t have to bother finishing the book/series and can leave it halfway.
  2. There is less of the intolerable elements that I can overlook them and think of it as part of the implausible movie script!
  3. I can simply forget about it and never regret watching the movie but I can never undo the regret of reading a horrible book

And these are enough reasons for me to go for the movie rather than the book. Imagine my horror, when moi (a bibliophile) cannot finish a book!

It’s a travesty. Utterly unimaginable.

But yes, I have kept down so many books that have so much silly and stupid stuff that I just say…ok…I can’t read you anymore.

Which novels…you might think.

I am giving a disclaimer now itself that I am sorry for not liking your fav novel(s) but even I am entitled to an opinion! Thank you for the support!

Now, the list….

  1. Twilight series – A weak-willed heroine and a weak-willed hero do not cut it with me. But I completed all the series because of Robert Pattinson’s chiseled jaw on the posters.
  2. Harry Potter series – I love the movies, have re-watched them countless times but the books are only single-read worthy. The books 3 to 6 seems to be fillers. 6 was supposed to be the last one but hey, everyone wants a happy ending and so came 7th!
  3. Outlander – I tried reading through the very first book around 5 times and I just couldn’t finish even the halfway mark. I wanted to badly finish it and read of Claire and Jamie’s evolving relationship but I just couldn’t handle the mental torture! Haven’t yet seen the series but I’m not going to. Just no! I just can’t.
  4. 50 shades series – I hated the series. Sorry. But I don’t believe in a relationship where the hero doesn’t understand the heroine’s pain limits and still goes on. Hey, I have a well-rounded reading experience, but this just blew me out to hate zone. The movie is better because it does not detail the painful stuff too much. The protagonist is less of a cold man in the movie I thought. As I said before, less time means less intolerable elements.


Top of my mind I can only think of these books and movies.

But then again, there are some movies which capture that feel perfectly. Even when there is a divergence in the storyline or important parts overlooked, they still are great movies. And the books are even greater, coz hey! You can never miss a detail in a book.

Memoirs of a Geisha, PS I Love You, Chronicles of Narnia, Jurassic Park, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Dracula, The Horse Whisperer and many many more….

I keep thinking that if people can create such beautiful stories with their words, then I shouldn’t waste my time reading something that doesn’t content your intellectual curiosity.

Well…that’s my take anyway.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

Bonne nuit!


Good cop, Bad cop!

In one of my random ramblings, I thought to myself – Would I be the good cop or bad cop?

I mean…if I could choose I’d definitely be the bad cop.

If there’s something I’m good at, then it would be using a sharp tone and a brusque manner.Unfortunately, a serious countenance enhances that!

This kinda made things funny when I had to pose as a recruiter to my classmate and…shot questions at him. My professor just came up to me during feedback time and said “You were too serious. You need to build up to the question”

I understood exactly what she meant cause I had been lamenting to myself that I was not exactly the world’s most tactful person. In fact, I’m so removed from tact that I wince at myself for blurting out things.

Hehe…some days I’m so socially awkward that I blabber, wave my hands around enthusiastically and have absolutely no control over my pitch.

Well….what I can say? Meh!

I think this nervousness comes out of the thought that I don’t know what to say and when to say. I mean, if it was upto me, I’d say that you say things outright but polite. No need of beating around the bush. But, it won’t flow like that.

I can readily admit that being a good conversationalist requires practice and lots of reading. However, there is also the fact that sometimes, you might not have the right crowd around you. Ever had the feeling that no matter what good idea or topic you speak about, people don’t have a clue about it but at the same time, you don’t have a choice but to spend your college days or work days with them that you need to speak to them on whatever topics they talk about.

And I find that frustrating, honestly.

I’ll be more interested in talking about trips, places, something generic but I have had people talk to me mostly about other people and gossips. Hm….

Well, I won’t say that not knowing who has done what is good but at the same time, there are times when you are at complete ease and carry on a conversation for hours with a select group of people and you actually feel intellectually happy!

Most often, it is difficult to find friends like that or to surround yourself with people like that. But, don’t hesitate. It’ll be a great relief to you and your brain!

I read somewhere that surrounding yourself with business-minded people would make you successful. Well, I’d say that surrounding yourself with intellectually stimulating conversation make you successful!