Trip Plans for Kodai

Hello all!

I’ve been in this frenzy to convey how Kodai was and what to see there, how to plan for it and stuff like that.

This time, I’m gonna outline how you can plan for trips to Kodai. I’ll be doing a One-day, Weekend, and Week-long trip for you all… ūüėÄ

Assuming you all visit Kodai during the tourist/peak/summer season(Feb to May).


Plan so that you reach Kodai for breakfast (around 9 AM). You will most likely see the Silver Cascade Falls en route Kodai.

Breakfast at Kodai. Pack lunch.

Visit these places in order, since they all form a loop.

Kodai Solar Observatory*
Pine Forest View*
Moir Point
Guna Caves*
Pillar Rocks*
Green Valley View Point*
Wax Museum
Liril Falls
Upper Lake View*

You can even reverse the order and have picnic type lunch at Pine Forest View. There are people who sometimes skip some of these and go back to town for lunch. The ones marked with an asterisk are a must.

After lunch, you surely can go¬†to Bear Shola Falls and then return to town by evening. Go for a stroll on Coaker’s Walk if there’s still sunlight, sit in Bryant’s Park for a while and snack on something OR You can go to the Boat House for an evening row. You can do some shopping here and follow it up with dinner. Then say adieu to darlin’ Kodai and be on your way back.

If you want a less hectic schedule and want to get down from the Ghats before sunset, then this maybe a better itinerary for you.

Pine Forest View
Guna Caves
Pillar Rocks
Upper Lake View

Lunch at town

Shopping, Horse riding, Cycling  & Boating at Kodai Lake
Coaker’s Walk

Evening Tea & Snacks

Leave by 4 PM



Plan #1

Day 1

Reach Kodai by 10 AM and have breakfast. If you feel like resting, you can. Or head to the town to see Bryant’s Park. Take a stroll along Coaker’s Walk¬†and work up an appetite. Head for lunch and then take a leisurely ride to the Solar Observatory. Follow it up with the a view of the lake from the Upper Lake Viewpoint and head back to town in time for Evening tea and snacks. Head to the Lake area for shopping, snacks, cycling, riding or boating. End your day with a stroll around the lake and head to your room for dinner and your beauty sleep.

Day 2

If you get the pass, visit Berijam Lake. Then, visit the famous attractions –¬†Pine Forest View,¬†Moir Point,¬†Guna Caves,¬†Pillar Rocks,¬†Green Valley View Point,¬†Wax Museum,¬†Liril Falls, Bear Shola Falls.

In the evening go to Chettiyar’s Park and then head back to town for an early dinner and head out.

Plan #2

Day 1

Head out to Berijam Lake around 9 AM if you can garner passes. From there, visit all the attractions mentioned in Plan #1 Day 2. In the evening go to Bryant’s Park.

Day 2

Head out to Coaker’s Walk. After breakfast head to Dolphin’s Nose. After a half day’s trek down and up, you can return to your room for a nap. Pack and head out of Kodai by evening.



Day 1

Visit Bear Shola Falls. Go to the Solar Observatory and have a picnic.Visit the Upper Lake View Point and Liril Falls. Head for lunch to town. In the evening go to the Boat House for a stroll around the lake. Dinner and then bed.

Day 2

Go to Dolphin’s Nose – trek to the view points and if you can, have a trek back to town via La Saleth Church.

Day 3

Around lunch, head to town. Go see the Pine Forests, Moir Point,¬†Guna Caves,¬†Pillar Rocks, Green Valley View Point. Head to town for an evening in Coaker’s Walk. Go shopping.

Day 4

Go to Kurinji Andavar Temple, Chettiyar’s Park after breakfast and head to town for lunch. After lunch, spend some time horse-riding and shopping at the boat house area. Visit the Shenbaganoor Museum or Wax Museum. Go back for dinner.

Day 5

Spend the morning at Berijam Lake. In the afternoon, take a long stroll in Coaker’s Walk and head to Bryant’s Park. Go for¬†a boating. Then pack and say Sayonara.

For trekkers, there is a 3-4 day trek route called the 80-mile round. You can plan a week-long vacation around that.

So that’s all for today folks! ūüėÄ

Happy Holidays!


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