The Day After a Sleepless Night

It’s a well known fact that adulthood is filled with many nights where you stay awake and feel groggy the next day.

During MBA this is every single day. I remember going to bed at 4 or 5 am after working and working, sleep for 3 hours and get up in time for the 8 am class.

The first few times, I was feeling normal the next day. But as the sleeplessness began to run into weeks, my mornings after were groggy and headache-filled.

I know how it feels like your brain is swimming and just nodding makes the world spin. I also know how it feels like you can barely move the huge lump your body is.

So, naturally one falls sick. Here are some tips to prevent you from falling flat on your face.

  1. Go Green
    People suggest caffeine but I suggest Green tea. It has the required amount of caffeine to jolt you but at the same time soothes your nerves.
  2. Take catnaps
    This is a miracle-worker. I used to take naps during lunch breaks and free mid-schedule hours. Take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. If you can manage a couple of hours sleep, then do that!
  3. Walk briskly
    Exercising your body, warming it up a bit helps fight fatigue.
  4. Feel the sun
    Sunshine and a walk helps clear your brain
  5. Drink water
    It helps flush out the bloated feel.
  6. Cold showers
    They help calm the nerves in your head
  7. No heavy sugar
    Go for lighter food. Carry snacks to munch through the day.
  8. Emergency energy bar
    I always have an energy bar on me. When I feel myself drooping right before an important seminar, I have a bite.

Stay energetic with these tips!!

PS: Try to sleep as much as you can. Make sure staying up all night doesn’t become a habit.


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