I am a Writer.

I am a writer. Not that I have to my credit published novels/short stories. YET.

But I am one.
Every day of my life, I think about characters, their lives and their behaviour.

I honestly do think of ways to complicate their lives. I try my best to make them go through a lot but come out victorious. And then, there are times when I feel that these people deserve a smooth road and I try to pave it for them.

But every moment I weave them as real people, I look around me and think, would they be like this, would they walk like that, would they smile like this and then I say to myself, “No. Not like this, like this!” 

Many times, my friends and family have found me suddenly staring into the distance, and they all roll their eyes and say “Now?!”

I turn to them and blurt something like this, “Liv just discovered Gray loves Marshmallows. So Liv is going to make him some hot chocolate with Marshmallows.”
And it’s their turn to stare.

They laugh but smile understandingly. So whenever I have these brain blasts, they usually let me go into my own world making sure I am guided through the real world 😀 😛

But being a writer is what I dream of. One day, I hope to have my already overloaded shelves to have a special place for my beloved First Editions.

My First Editions.




Don’t Let ‘Em!!!

What’s this about???

Very simple. It’s another rambling on Constructive Vs Destructive Criticism. 🙂

According to Google, Constructive Criticism involves offering well-reasoned opinions regarding others to improve them/their outcome in a helpful manner.

So basically, you’re trying to help someone out by offering viable suggestions or advice in a friendly manner. But the main point is that it is meant to help others not to help put others down.

So yeah, in life you’ll see numerous people who’ll approach you and pinpoint certain weak points or maybe areas where you could improve in a way that they sound as if they are on your side but in reality they just want to make you doubt yourself.

Well…don’t let ’em do that to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it sounds easy because no matter how hard-hearted or cold you try to be, somehow their words penetrate those thick barriers you’ve built and hits you. And it hits you deep.

That’s when you realise that yeah…maybe they didn’t help you solve an issue.

It happens so much and so often that one can fail to recognise it. But the best thing I’ve learnt is to act as if you never heard anything, ignore whatever, and move on.

It’s not the best but its the only one I have.

I try my best not to let these destructive people masquerading as ‘helpful’ friends get to me. It’s hard, coz you think what if they’re right even if you know they’re manipulating the hell out of you!

But your best bet? Ignore them. Smile. Move on.

It works great. Almost as good as Karma 🙂

Stay positive people…you know your worth, and don’t let anyone say you’re not worth the effort. 🙂

Coz hey, no one can be just like you!

Whaddup song reference 😀

Just like fire, burning out the way
If I can light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colourful charade
No one can be just like me anyway
Just like magic, I’ll be flying free
I’mma disappear when they come for me
I kick that ceiling, what you gonna take?
No one can be just like me anyway

Always on parallel lines

What will you do if you see someone like you – in all the visible ways and behaviours?

The way that person talks, the way they blog, the way they gorge on novels – all are so remarkably similar to you that everyone around you calls them your duplicate/carbon-copy or in my case “Junior You”.

However, the funniest thing is I have spoken to that person exactly once and that’s difficult considering we’re studying in the same course, although in two different years.

At first, I was curious to meet her. To know what kind of person she was, because everyone said she resembled me a lot. The one time I spoke to her, I was very sincere! Hah!

I see that person write, blog, talk all in ways I appreciate and associate to but I’ve never spoken in person after that initial intro.

It feels weird when she talks to all my classmates, even my own friends, so casually and avoids looking me in the eye whenever I pass her or even when I’m standing right next to my friend!


Well…till now, I had believed that people who read the same kind of books, with similar interests will naturally gravitate together and be friends. But no. They need not even find common ground despite all the similarities. We walk the same paths but on different terms.

Always on parallel lines 🙂

So, here I am, writing about a curious encounter with someone so similar in interests and thoughts but as distant as two galaxies.

Hello June Showers!

Ah, this is one season I just love.

The sky is so dark that one thinks that seeing the sun would mar the vast canvas of unrelenting grey!

I have no idea how to describe the colour of the sky as I type on. When I say GREY, it sounds bland. It doesn’t convey how rich and how heavy it is.

It looks like when sunlight strikes concrete, like the shade of rock on a misty day.
The whole world is as if God turned on a lens filter, where the darkest greens look black, the mud looks more black and brown than red and the sun appears suddenly like a too bright fireball.

And when it rains, oh my…when it rains. I sometimes just stop doing whatever I am doing and open the balcony and breathe in the rain. Sometimes the drops will be as fine as mist and some are fat and plop with a big splash. And whenever it happens, the world just stops. The crowded roads just become so quiet and people stand under whatever shelter they can find.

The next best thing to see, is the town coming back to life, the people shake off the water from their hair, children start jumping in puddles, birds come out of their hiding and what was in Pause becomes Play in slow motion.


🙂 ❤

Happy Monsoon Everyone!