Ah, this is one season I just love.

The sky is so dark that one thinks that seeing the sun would mar the vast canvas of unrelenting grey!

I have no idea how to describe the colour of the sky as I type on. When I say GREY, it sounds bland. It doesn’t convey how rich and how heavy it is.

It looks like when sunlight strikes concrete, like the shade of rock on a misty day.
The whole world is as if God turned on a lens filter, where the darkest greens look black, the mud looks more black and brown than red and the sun appears suddenly like a too bright fireball.

And when it rains, oh my…when it rains. I sometimes just stop doing whatever I am doing and open the balcony and breathe in the rain. Sometimes the drops will be as fine as mist and some are fat and plop with a big splash. And whenever it happens, the world just stops. The crowded roads just become so quiet and people stand under whatever shelter they can find.

The next best thing to see, is the town coming back to life, the people shake off the water from their hair, children start jumping in puddles, birds come out of their hiding and what was in Pause becomes Play in slow motion.


🙂 ❤

Happy Monsoon Everyone!


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