Always on parallel lines

What will you do if you see someone like you – in all the visible ways and behaviours?

The way that person talks, the way they blog, the way they gorge on novels – all are so remarkably similar to you that everyone around you calls them your duplicate/carbon-copy or in my case “Junior You”.

However, the funniest thing is I have spoken to that person exactly once and that’s difficult considering we’re studying in the same course, although in two different years.

At first, I was curious to meet her. To know what kind of person she was, because everyone said she resembled me a lot. The one time I spoke to her, I was very sincere! Hah!

I see that person write, blog, talk all in ways I appreciate and associate to but I’ve never spoken in person after that initial intro.

It feels weird when she talks to all my classmates, even my own friends, so casually and avoids looking me in the eye whenever I pass her or even when I’m standing right next to my friend!


Well…till now, I had believed that people who read the same kind of books, with similar interests will naturally gravitate together and be friends. But no. They need not even find common ground despite all the similarities. We walk the same paths but on different terms.

Always on parallel lines 🙂

So, here I am, writing about a curious encounter with someone so similar in interests and thoughts but as distant as two galaxies.


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