I am a Writer.

I am a writer. Not that I have to my credit published novels/short stories. YET.

But I am one.
Every day of my life, I think about characters, their lives and their behaviour.

I honestly do think of ways to complicate their lives. I try my best to make them go through a lot but come out victorious. And then, there are times when I feel that these people deserve a smooth road and I try to pave it for them.

But every moment I weave them as real people, I look around me and think, would they be like this, would they walk like that, would they smile like this and then I say to myself, “No. Not like this, like this!” 

Many times, my friends and family have found me suddenly staring into the distance, and they all roll their eyes and say “Now?!”

I turn to them and blurt something like this, “Liv just discovered Gray loves Marshmallows. So Liv is going to make him some hot chocolate with Marshmallows.”
And it’s their turn to stare.

They laugh but smile understandingly. So whenever I have these brain blasts, they usually let me go into my own world making sure I am guided through the real world 😀 😛

But being a writer is what I dream of. One day, I hope to have my already overloaded shelves to have a special place for my beloved First Editions.

My First Editions.




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