Before vs After

I am not a Life Coach. I’m just talking about what I would have done Before and what I would do After. This is just to show how I’ve evolved over the years and hopefully the After part sounds a bit mature


  1. When you get a text from an unnecessary person asking unnecessary/pointed questions

Before: Think a million times but answer all pointed questions with honesty because you don’t wanna offend them. (“Stupidly”)

After: Ignore/Reply sarcastically


2. When you hear a rumour about yourself

Before: Hear it -> Be shocked -> Tears fill your eyes -> You run away -> Hide in your room -> Hyperventilate -> Be emo -> Curl into a ball

After: “Really? I did that?? Cool”



3. When you meet someone you don’t like

Before: Smile, be polite, hold a conversation
After: Take out your mobile and keep browsing FB.


4. When someone is worried/concerned about you (all of a sudden)

Before: Think that it’s out of the goodness of their heart and be grateful/indebted to them
After: Yeah…? You’re ‘worried’ for me? Gee..thanks!


5. When you get a text at 4.39 AM

Before: Reply before 4.41 AM

Priority Scale :-
Reply immediately : You’re my family/closest friend;
Within a day : You’re important;
Within 3 days: You’re in my contact list;
Within a week: You’re not in my contact list;
Never: Well…

This is out of all the experiences where I wished I didn’t care and that I’d thought of a smarter/wittier response to someone’s hurtful/vindictive/mean actions. I’m still not good at this, but I hope i’ll get better !

Here’s to having the courage to be yourself, and not apologising for it!



Aren’t there times when you feel like going the other way when you see someone coming in your direction?

It’s a challenge to keep moving forward and greet that person as if you don’t know anything, as if nothing happened. Especially when you know just how much that person made things difficult for you in college/school/life?

You know for a fact that this person acts as the conduit of rumors and gossips. But you can’t just go and throw it in their face. It’s not the right place or time for that.

And it kills you inside that you have to act as if you are ignorant.

That, I believe, is what takes true strength.

Sometimes, I wish I had turned the other way, or ignored the person, or even say ‘Just don’t talk to me anymore’. But then I realized, those are cowardly ways. They show that they affected me. And I didn’t want to give them that much power.

I read a quote yesterday quite by coincidence. It said, ‘Situations and People are powerless without your reaction.”

It struck me.

I thought why should I give them that much power over me. They are not worth the anger, the hurt and the words of warning.

I thought – I should be like that. Be so strong that nothing what they ever say or do touches me.


So here you go people, when there is a something that tries to test your patience and pride, just take a deep breath, take a step back, stop being angry and respond calmly.

Don’t react, though you’d be tempted to.

Don’t bother, no matter what. Just smile and ignore πŸ™‚

This is what I keep telling myself day-in, day-out. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

But guess what – you’ll be stronger for it.

❀ S

Really? I did that???

PC: All pics are from the net coz that’s what Google Images is for!

Rumors, gossips…these fuel high school life. I thought I’d left them in high school and I was wrong.

During the 2 years of my MBA, I’d think to myself everyday – Am I in high school or a PG class?

Because the people thrived on gossip and rumors. It was so bad that it wasn’t funny then but it’s funny now.

I’d hear random new facts not just about other people but about myself.

And I’d be like…”Really? Tell me more…I didn’t know I did that” πŸ˜€

Seriously. *facepalm*


Them: “You were in America.” (Not a question, but a statement.)

Me: “Huh?”

Them: “For a year. During school days.”

Me: “Really? When did that happen?”

Them: “You were in the US, right?”

Me: “I’ve never been there!”



Them: “Heh, so you told ABCΒ she was a b**ch.”

Me: “What??!!”

Them: “XYZ heard you shout at her yesterday.”

Me: “I didn’t even see ABC yesterday.”

Them: “So when did you shout at her?”

Me: “I didn’t shout at her”

And they look at me as if I disappointed them.


These are just two that I remember now. All the other times are just variations of these. And I keep thinking – what do these people think I do in all my free time?

If I’m keeping count, I’d have to say I would have shouted/yelled/called names at people in the hostel/college corridors that I hate them/they can’t come into my room/they were _insert some name depending on your imagination_ at least once every week!

I mean seriously? When and where did I do that???

The funniest thing is that everyone knows I avoid conflict, am always pleasant and am very very very polite.

No one has ever seen me shout/raise voices/argue coz I’m always so bitingly polite that it makes me crazy! And people have taken advantage of me being polite and think that it’s a weakness of mine.

Seriously… The biggest rant I’ve did would be on this blog! πŸ˜›

I guess my doppelganger went out and did all this while I was locked inside my hostel room watching YouTube Videos…hm…or maybe it was my ghost. Or an alien.

The aliens have been conspiring against me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds plausible actually.

I was relieved when MBA was finally done coz I didn’t have to listen to the exciting stuff I did!

Now just yesterday, I was flooded with messages on WhatsApp with people asking me – “Hey? Heard you fought with her? What happened? Heard this..that..blah blah…”

The funny thing isΒ I am literally a thousand miles away from the people who ask this. They are across the country attending their corporate training after joining their jobs and I am here leading quite a boring life actually!

And I get this deluge of messages and I wonder – Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Here are some facts, Your Honor,

#1 : They just joined this Monday. It’s literally Day 3 on their new jobs.
#2 : They have 7AM to 7PM training sessions
#3 : They have a very hectic schedule with interviews/tests/quizzes
#4 : Frankly, they shouldn’t have the time or the energy

If it were the me “Before” I would have hyperventilated and freaked. But now, I just can’t help but laugh. And be happy I got 2 blog posts out of this, not 1 πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

Be happy! Rock On!!Β Peace Out!!!