Before vs After

I am not a Life Coach. I’m just talking about what I would have done Before and what I would do After. This is just to show how I’ve evolved over the years and hopefully the After part sounds a bit mature


  1. When you get a text from an unnecessary person asking unnecessary/pointed questions

Before: Think a million times but answer all pointed questions with honesty because you don’t wanna offend them. (“Stupidly”)

After: Ignore/Reply sarcastically


2. When you hear a rumour about yourself

Before: Hear it -> Be shocked -> Tears fill your eyes -> You run away -> Hide in your room -> Hyperventilate -> Be emo -> Curl into a ball

After: “Really? I did that?? Cool”



3. When you meet someone you don’t like

Before: Smile, be polite, hold a conversation
After: Take out your mobile and keep browsing FB.


4. When someone is worried/concerned about you (all of a sudden)

Before: Think that it’s out of the goodness of their heart and be grateful/indebted to them
After: Yeah…? You’re ‘worried’ for me? Gee..thanks!


5. When you get a text at 4.39 AM

Before: Reply before 4.41 AM

Priority Scale :-
Reply immediately : You’re my family/closest friend;
Within a day : You’re important;
Within 3 days: You’re in my contact list;
Within a week: You’re not in my contact list;
Never: Well…

This is out of all the experiences where I wished I didn’t care and that I’d thought of a smarter/wittier response to someone’s hurtful/vindictive/mean actions. I’m still not good at this, but I hope i’ll get better !

Here’s to having the courage to be yourself, and not apologising for it!


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