The Anatomy of Sarcasm

Ah I just love sarcasm.

Many consider Sarcastic people to be smarter and some people think Sarcasm is a poor substitute for a correct answer.

I honestly think that it a very good tool to escape questions. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

I am not at all good at sarcasm but I am finding out the merits of it in recent times.

As Kevin Hart once famously said, “Sarcasm is best told simply.”

I believe that the success of a Sarcastic joke is to keep it so simple that people look at you weirdly and doubt whether what you said is really true or not.

They keep wondering and have to ask for clarification. That is when you realize that you’ve successfully deployed your sarcasm bomb! πŸ˜›

The funny thing is, I love people who can be sarcastic at the fly of a hat. They look right into the person and crack a joke and they make it seem as if they are joking about it but you are left wondering if it was a joke or a serious thought!

Hah! I just love being on the sidelines in such cases.

There are so many articles and blogs on how Sarcastic people are smarter and there are even more on the Scientific basis of Sarcasm. But I don’t have that much to say – but I will πŸ˜›


  1. Sarcastic people are very quick thinkers:Β How else would they assess the situation and comment on it in such a way that it hurts no one?
  2. They see everything: They have very sharp eyes and would have seen everything around them but they act as if they don’t know anything except when they drop their sarcasm bombs.
  3. They are good at not giving you answers: They are so good at avoiding the question that you feel that they would be great salesmen or women! πŸ˜›
  4. They do not have a care in the world: Their attitude says it all. This ‘Chill’ attitude is exactly why they have this talent and why they can deploy it with ease.
  5. They have no problem with diplomacy: Because they don’t have any!

Haha so here’s to all my dear lovely friends who make my life brighter with their sarcasm. Love you people!

PS: I wish someone told me how to counter a smart-ass sarcastic friend…other than the usual response! πŸ˜›



Somewhere between friends and acquaintances

These are not your typical friendships. You reveal only one side to each one of them. And you are not in a friendship where you share it all or where they are your best buddies.

These are the people who are your friends but not friends, acquaintances but more than that. They might stay in your life for a short time or you might meet them only occasionally. But they make you up and build you up in ways you wouldn’t know.

Whether it be someone you see every dayΒ or someone you meet in a situation – there are still categories you can put them in…to understand how they fit into your life in the larger scheme of things…and you remember them years later and smile to yourself and say “Oh yeah…”.

  1. The one-time clickers :
    Sounds weird…but it’s true. You meet someone, a stranger, and you just click with that person. You have hours of conversation and laugh and talk about something you haven’t thought of in a long while. You talk about that 10-year-old assassination, your first novel, a strange distant land, your gardening adventures, pillow fabrics..whatever. It doesn’t matter. You talk for so long and laugh so loud that passersby look and admire. Then someone stops by and asks how long have you guys been friends and you say ‘We just met today’.
    But the best and the worst part?
    You never meet them again, despite the world being so connected. And you think of it as a serendipitous occasion.
  2. The head-nod acquaintances :
    Who are these people? The ones you see every day – at work, a neighbour, at yoga class, at the coffee shop. You see them every day or almost every day and,Β at first you start off with familiar nods at the face. Sometimes, it becomes a friendship but sometimes it stays there. You both nod and smile at each other and that’s it.
  3. The office coffee-mates:
    The ones you meet over coffee. Casual talk and exchange of gossip. Catching up with each others’ lives.
  4. The glass-mates:
    The ones you want to go to the pub with, the ones who can handle your weird/dry/sarcastic/crazy/dirty sense of humor when you’re a bit sloshed and whom you can trust to take you as you are. These are friends who you can go to for a pick-me-up time and unleash your wild side and not judge you for that. πŸ™‚
  5. The big sis/bro:
    You have the utmost respect for them and you think of them as your personal advisor and go-to person for any serious life decision. You ask them to help you keep your perspective and make things clearer for you. They advise you, they review you, they become your sounding board.
  6. The silent partner:
    The one whom you would want to spend time with in silence. If you feel too crushed, if you feel you’re losing it, you just show up at their place and they invite you in into their home without a question. You either sit and enjoy a book as they continue their work, or you sleep on their couch the whole day, maybe both of you might just sit in front of the TV all day munching on snacks.


For now, I can only think of these kinds of friends you’d have in your life. I’m sure there are more…

Lemme know in the comments below πŸ™‚