How to get away?

Hi guys….and girls……

I’m not sure I know how to get away from toxic people at the work place.

I find myself searching on Google ‘How to deal with mean people’ every now and then. Somehow the options given – ‘File a case’, ‘Complain to the higher ups’, ‘Quit the job’, ‘Change the team’ – all sound attractive but I don’t want to do that!

I’ve already lost enough sleep analyzing and cross-analyzing the way they said things, the way two or three people ganged up and mocked (seemed like they were praising) and trying to figure out when they would do something to jeopardize things.

Saying something back doesn’t seem to be a good choice…complaining too much would make me a whiner, getting angry would make me the loser….

I was so confused as to what to do…then I found this article that made sense!

Actual sense. It was talking about something I could actually do.

Like wear headsets while working, so that I can avoid unnecessary conversations with people who seem to praise you/be nice to you when actually meaning something else.

So I’ve decided I’ll do the following things from now onwards

  1. Wear headphones.
  2. Just smile.
  3. Keep myself occupied.
  4. Make sure I have work away from my table/building/office.
  5. Take breaks from life.
  6. Stop thinking about them!!!

That’s all for now people!!!!

Gunnit and sweet dreams πŸ™‚

Stay strong!!! ❀


Hits me in the feels!

Hey everybody!

Hope ya’ll are doing great.

So I’m talking about what happened to me over a long weekend. You know what that means right?

Usually, long weekends are for trips, shopping, catching up with friends or movies. But this time I decided to stay back at home and chill.

Rejuvenate and recuperate!

With this in mind, I stocked up on food and sweets and made sure I had no phone calls/emails scheduled for the weekend.

I started out with just relaxing under the pale sun, the chilly breeze and a good cup of tea.


The first day went like that…me just lazing around and on bed! πŸ˜€

The second day, I was slightly more interested in actually getting up and trying out some recipes and stuff. Ah…that day food was gooooooood…. πŸ™‚

Then, the third day, I thought – Why not YouTube and binge watch videos?
So I did. I started out with movies.

At 6! In the AM!!!

Lol…then I got bored after 3 movies (fast forwarded the last one) and then I moved onto cute videos. It wasn’t long before my family found me curled up and crying over videos of snuggly balls of cuteness and fluffiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I know…but there some things when you see, it just hits you in the feels.

But seriously though, I am extremely sensitive to such beautiful things and I always cry whenever I watch these videos.

What are they ?

  1. Animal saving animal videos

I cannot control myself. I just wail saying “Animals are so intelligent. They know others’ feelings without even telling!!! Waahhhhhhhhhh”


2. Thai Life Insurance ads – and similar ones to it

They just make me a watering pot!

3. Soldier returns home videos

Why God, Why? I just want to curl up against my doggy and apologize to him for leaving him to buy groceries.

4. Inspirational videos

Rather than inspiring me, I just become more ‘Just let me become a burrito now’ stage.

5. Sad Love quotes

They just slay me…

For now, I just remember 5…although I have written this post in a humorous way, I really do get teary eyed whenever I watch such videos.

All my friends tease me saying ‘You cry for a 30 second ad!’ but meh….i am what i am πŸ™‚

And my family knows me enough to not get panicked anymore when they come to check in on me and find me babbling and crying like this

Image result

Time for some new friends…

Why bother?
Why bother asking me, when you don’t want to ask me?
Why bother waiting for them, when they don’t wait for you?
Why bother saying you’re hanging out with friends, when you don’t want me to be part of it?

Oh yes, there is no worse feeling than this – knowing you’re an outsider inside your friends circle. That feeling you have when you know your friends have found new friends!

And what hurts the most?

You know that they’re the only friends you have and while you postpone your plans for them, they go out to movies and shopping…

So I decided to move on…to make the most of myΒ life.

No one is going to wait for you, so make your own friends, hang out with them, and never keep postponing your happiness πŸ™‚

It doesn’t mean that you have to stop spending time with old friends or be offended or hurt that they found new friends…it just means it’s past time for you to move on!

Today was a good day, because today, I decided that I can always make new friends πŸ™‚ ❀

Don’t be afraid guys…you just have to take one tiny step, and the rest will just unfold!

Happy Saturday! πŸ˜€