Time for some new friends…

Why bother?
Why bother asking me, when you don’t want to ask me?
Why bother waiting for them, when they don’t wait for you?
Why bother saying you’re hanging out with friends, when you don’t want me to be part of it?

Oh yes, there is no worse feeling than this – knowing you’re an outsider inside your friends circle. That feeling you have when you know your friends have found new friends!

And what hurts the most?

You know that they’re the only friends you have and while you postpone your plans for them, they go out to movies and shopping…

So I decided to move on…to make the most of my life.

No one is going to wait for you, so make your own friends, hang out with them, and never keep postponing your happiness 🙂

It doesn’t mean that you have to stop spending time with old friends or be offended or hurt that they found new friends…it just means it’s past time for you to move on!

Today was a good day, because today, I decided that I can always make new friends 🙂 ❤

Don’t be afraid guys…you just have to take one tiny step, and the rest will just unfold!

Happy Saturday! 😀


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