Hits me in the feels!

Hey everybody!

Hope ya’ll are doing great.

So I’m talking about what happened to me over a long weekend. You know what that means right?

Usually, long weekends are for trips, shopping, catching up with friends or movies. But this time I decided to stay back at home and chill.

Rejuvenate and recuperate!

With this in mind, I stocked up on food and sweets and made sure I had no phone calls/emails scheduled for the weekend.

I started out with just relaxing under the pale sun, the chilly breeze and a good cup of tea.


The first day went like that…me just lazing around and on bed! 😀

The second day, I was slightly more interested in actually getting up and trying out some recipes and stuff. Ah…that day food was gooooooood…. 🙂

Then, the third day, I thought – Why not YouTube and binge watch videos?
So I did. I started out with movies.

At 6! In the AM!!!

Lol…then I got bored after 3 movies (fast forwarded the last one) and then I moved onto cute videos. It wasn’t long before my family found me curled up and crying over videos of snuggly balls of cuteness and fluffiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I know…but there some things when you see, it just hits you in the feels.

But seriously though, I am extremely sensitive to such beautiful things and I always cry whenever I watch these videos.

What are they ?

  1. Animal saving animal videos

I cannot control myself. I just wail saying “Animals are so intelligent. They know others’ feelings without even telling!!! Waahhhhhhhhhh”


2. Thai Life Insurance ads – and similar ones to it

They just make me a watering pot!

3. Soldier returns home videos

Why God, Why? I just want to curl up against my doggy and apologize to him for leaving him to buy groceries.

4. Inspirational videos

Rather than inspiring me, I just become more ‘Just let me become a burrito now’ stage.

5. Sad Love quotes

They just slay me…

For now, I just remember 5…although I have written this post in a humorous way, I really do get teary eyed whenever I watch such videos.

All my friends tease me saying ‘You cry for a 30 second ad!’ but meh….i am what i am 🙂

And my family knows me enough to not get panicked anymore when they come to check in on me and find me babbling and crying like this

Image result


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