How to get away?

Hi guys….and girls……

I’m not sure I know how to get away from toxic people at the work place.

I find myself searching on Google ‘How to deal with mean people’ every now and then. Somehow the options given – ‘File a case’, ‘Complain to the higher ups’, ‘Quit the job’, ‘Change the team’ – all sound attractive but I don’t want to do that!

I’ve already lost enough sleep analyzing and cross-analyzing the way they said things, the way two or three people ganged up and mocked (seemed like they were praising) and trying to figure out when they would do something to jeopardize things.

Saying something back doesn’t seem to be a good choice…complaining too much would make me a whiner, getting angry would make me the loser….

I was so confused as to what to do…then I found this article that made sense!

Actual sense. It was talking about something I could actually do.

Like wear headsets while working, so that I can avoid unnecessary conversations with people who seem to praise you/be nice to you when actually meaning something else.

So I’ve decided I’ll do the following things from now onwards

  1. Wear headphones.
  2. Just smile.
  3. Keep myself occupied.
  4. Make sure I have work away from my table/building/office.
  5. Take breaks from life.
  6. Stop thinking about them!!!

That’s all for now people!!!!

Gunnit and sweet dreams 🙂

Stay strong!!! ❤


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