Eternally Grateful it didn’t happen!!!


Something that makes you realise that everything happened for a reason. The only reason why I still believe things that are not turning out right, right now, are for a reason.

Because, always, always, in hindsight, I found that they shaped my life, changed me who I was for the better.

Why I say this?

Recently, something happened to me, or rather, something I put a tentative step forward for didn’t happen.

It was a very confusing time. I wanted to stick out one toe and check the situation – and wanted it to work out.

Then, once I set things in motion, and saw the kind of people I was dealing with (many masks came undone), I realised that I had miscalculated by a huge margin.

But the things were already progressing and I was helpless but to watch it move forward. I had somehow found a way to deal with it, but to my surprise it came to a grinding halt.

Suddenly, I found myself freed from what would have been shackles to me.

And I am eternally grateful it didn’t work out!

So, yes, I believe that “Things always happen for a reason.”

🙂 ❤


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