Keep it to yourself!


Sometimes, you get a hit from life, a proverbial slap for being naive and for trusting people.

I have seen many friends who do not know the meaning of keep your mouth shut.

Somehow, you’d expect your friends to be on your side, right? And not advertise stuff.

No. It doesn’t happen that way. Nooooo way!

It is really sad to realize that you really can’t talk about anything to anyone. You have to be on guard every day, and these are people whom you have spent a couple of years and you have so much affection for them.

If you tell them, I’m not feeling well, the whole world thinks you’re sick from something bad and that you’re not able to even walk.

If you say, I went to someone’s wedding, a random stranger can quote the wedding menu.

And especially, when you think you said something in confidence, your “friends” make a mockery out of it with others.

And when you tell something that happened very seriously, that’s it!
They make a big announcement for you.

And guess what, they would have no qualms into making you an idiot, or smudge your image because hey! Cheap thrills!!!

(Sorry, no offense to the song. In fact, it is one of my favorites!)

So yeah, I realized that no matter how older you get, you still need to keep conversation superficial. That no matter what the question is, you need to give an answer without giving one. But I can honestly tell you that such conversation and relationships sour quickly.

Very quickly in fact.

Because, once they realize they can’t get certain things out of your mouth, that you are a vault, then they stop talking to you.

And you will be glad to be rid of it.

So don’t worry about it!

You’re better off without being surrounded by such nasty persons.


Friendship is based on courtesy, and more importantly trust. So isn’t it better that you found out at least now, than later?

Happy December in advance People!

Enjoy the holidays!!! ❤



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