Snow on my Bucket List

Hello December!!!

It’s Christmas season (though not such a big deal here) and it’s winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I write this post, I take a break every now and then and enjoy the way my mug of hot chocolate warms my fingers.

It doesn’t snow here – the part on India where I’m at.

In fact, I’ve never seen snow! Not even the fake one.

For some, it may be sound comical, but it’s a fact.

I have wondered many times what it would feel like to touch snow, play with it and enjoy being frozen 🙂

I have traveled and stayed many places – both in India & abroad, seen so many things, and I keep wondering to myself – How did I ever not see this?

For many, it is not even a big thing – To see snow. But to me it is.

I never realized how even the weather had become an unassuming and simple part of life.

Somehow, all the places I have been have variations of a tropical weather, where summers are very hot and sweaty, amazingly lush but humid spring, monsoons with non-stop downpours and thunderstorms, followed by extremely windy but bare autumns, and a brisk and chilly winter without snow. I have lived in hilly areas, and places near the ocean, in dry barren lands and yet I still haven’t seen snow! Crazy right?!

I realized very recently that I have this huge gap in my experiences by not witnessing Snowfall 😛

So yes, one of the major things I want to cross off my bucket list is Snow!
(PS: There are snow stations in India – it’s just that I haven’t gone there yet!)

What’s that thing on your bucket list that might sound silly, but is not???

Happy Winter Everyone 🙂



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