Hangover Care for Binge-watchers

Hello Hello!

This weekend, for the first time in a loooong time, I binge-watched a K-Drama.

Yes, I love K-Dramas. Yes, I am a fan-girl. Yes, I have crushes on all the guys I have seen in Dramas, Movies, Animes and Mangas. Am I a kid? No. Am I a teen? No. Am I an adult? Yes. And I still am addicted to being the geek/nerd/otaku!

Image result for fangirl problems


NOTE: Well, not an otaku – coz the Western world (I am in theWest compared to Japan & Korea anyways) considers a person who is addicted to Mangas/Anime/Comics as Otaku but in Japan, an otaku is not necessarily a good term to be called.

But yes, I am a walking, talking example of all the otaku memes out there!

Here are some really real real-life problems slash situations!!! (except situation #5)

Image result for fangirl problems

Sorry, I’m diverging…this is how I get when I talk dir…er…I mean Manga.

Okay. Focus.

So, I was binge-watching a K-drama this weekend and I realized that I needed to do some sort of prep and hangover cure for the marathon session.

So…i’ve classified it as things to do before you start the marathon and things to do after to cure a hangover! 🙂


  1. Keep enough snacks(healthy if possible) and water near you.
  2. Make sure you have already prepared yous day’s meals.
  3. Make the seating arrangement so that you are not left with a backache or a crick in the neck.
  4. Keep a timer for your bathroom/meal/eye breaks. Trust me. You will need it.
  5. Put an anti-glare eyeglasses if possible. Prolonged exposure is very bad to your eyes. This whole process is bad for your health but hey…you can’t live without it at least try to make some concessions.
  6. Keep both wet and dry tissues near you. You’re gonna need it to either wipe your well of tears as the hero walks away from the heroine or to do a quick wipe of your hands after a spicy snack!


  1. Sleep on time as much as possible. If you usually sleep at 10 PM then at max you have to sleep by 11. You’ve already spent the whole day in front of your screen, take a break dude!
  2. Drink lots of water, have an aspirin if you have a headache.
  3. Ensure you have no heavy work the next day.
  4. Ensure you have enough breaks to drown yourself in a sea of sorrow that the binge ended.

Image result for binge watching meme

Tee hee…jus kidding. Or not. ❤

PC: Thanks Google Images!


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