It’s called getting ‘played’

I got played. It was a work context, it was just a colleague – but I thought that it still should be called getting played.

I was neatly maneuvered into a corner. Very neatly. And I went into this whole thing willingly. How stupid could I get?

These are the times when I just hate myself, hate the job. Because, just doing your work right isn’t enough. Success happens to be when you know how to deal with people. When you know how to respond to provocation, and to spot deliberate misguidance a mile away.

I thought I had started to see things, to recognize patterns and signs. Seems that I still have a long way to go.

So what if I got played once. I learned a lesson, and I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

So, don’t give up yet guys…if someone plays you, make sure you don’t give them another chance to do so.

Keep your chin up dear! ❤



Why God, why?

There are always times in your life when you plan, plan, plan so much that ultimately it never happens. And you throw your hands up and say in exasperation – Why God, why?!

So me and my friend decided to leave from work early (Okay…maybe I can’t call it leaving early, since we left our laptops back at our desk. Fine, we bunked!) to catch a movie we’ve been eagerly waiting for.

The show is at 4 PM and we decided to leave half an hour before.

3.30 PM

We get into the cab.

3.40 PM

We are half way to the theater. My friend gets a call from her boss asking her to mail something ASAP.

3.45 PM

She is still trying to figure out why her mail is not in her phone’s Outbox.

3.50 PM

We understand that she has to go back to office.

4.10 PM

We are back in office. She sends the mail and packs her laptop for safety’s sake.

4.30 PM

We are on the way back to the theater.

4.45 PM

We have entered the theater and have just gotten seated. I unlock my phone to put it on silent. I see that I have a mail. I open the mail. It says – “Meeting in XX Room now.” from one of my superiors.

4.50 PM

We are waiting outside the theater for the cab and I am calling up the concerned person to say “I am just outside the office at the bank. Will be back in 15 mins.”

I try to find out if there really is a meeting.

5.10 PM

We are on the way back to office. My friend can’t stop laughing.

5.25 PM

I am back at the office. My friend gets off on the way at her home.

5.30 PM

I ask my colleague about the meeting. He asks, “What meeting?”. He realizes he hasn’t even seen that mail.

5.40 PM

I see my superior come over and we get up for the meeting. He says, “Let’s do the meeting tomorrow morning, OK?”. I nod.

5.45 PM

I am counting to 100. On loop.

6.30 PM

My friend calls me up and asks me how the meeting went. I say, “It’s tomorrow.”

There is a pause over the line. Then she starts ranting, “What are you saying? What are YOU saying!!!! WHAAT ARE YOU SAYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I just reply quietly, “I know.”

She starts laughing hysterically and says, “You do realize we just spent nearly a thousand bucks just to go here and there in a cab.”

And I am stupefied!

OMG! I just spent 1000 bucks and 2 hours just to start at my office and end up back at my office with us having watched less than a minute of some random song in the movie!

Why God, why?

PS: Moral of the story – When things like this happen, just throw your hands up in the air and say “Aiiiiiyooooooooooooooooooooooooo”


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The Mask Becomes You

Hi Guys,

It’s been an eventful yet calm New Year. With many changes coming in, I’ve been in this pensive mood for a while now.

It started when a colleague assumed that the mask I don at the workplace is how I really am, and when I realized that my mask had become the way everyone knew me.

So I thought, isn’t that correct?

The “you” that you really are, is hidden so deep inside, that after a while, it remains forgotten. And sometimes, you yearn for someone to see that and still remain your friend. But you find out that not even your best friend was able to see that deep.

It surprised me. When my closest friend – who has known me for almost a decade – couldn’t understand that the me in front of others and the me in front of her and the me I thought she saw even without mentioning was different. That I had different selves.

That’s when I realized that the mask had become me. I was associated and viewed in reference to that mask I had showed to the world. And the world was always surprised to find that I had a fun side that contrasted to the serious mask I had.

I’m not complaining. It’s just a small revelation for me. 🙂

I’m not the only one who had found this disquieting truth…am I?

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever been surprised that the ONE person who you thought saw you for the “you” that you really are, but didn’t actually?

Please feel free to comment!