The Mask Becomes You

Hi Guys,

It’s been an eventful yet calm New Year. With many changes coming in, I’ve been in this pensive mood for a while now.

It started when a colleague assumed that the mask I don at the workplace is how I really am, and when I realized that my mask had become the way everyone knew me.

So I thought, isn’t that correct?

The “you” that you really are, is hidden so deep inside, that after a while, it remains forgotten. And sometimes, you yearn for someone to see that and still remain your friend. But you find out that not even your best friend was able to see that deep.

It surprised me. When my closest friend – who has known me for almost a decade – couldn’t understand that the me in front of others and the me in front of her and the me I thought she saw even without mentioning was different. That I had different selves.

That’s when I realized that the mask had become me. I was associated and viewed in reference to that mask I had showed to the world. And the world was always surprised to find that I had a fun side that contrasted to the serious mask I had.

I’m not complaining. It’s just a small revelation for me. 🙂

I’m not the only one who had found this disquieting truth…am I?

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever been surprised that the ONE person who you thought saw you for the “you” that you really are, but didn’t actually?

Please feel free to comment!


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