A matter of Food and Death

Why Food and Death? Because Food means “Life” and “Love” and because I love food.

For someone who loves variety in eating, it’s very difficult to survive. Why? Because you need a new flavor everyday, and you get bored with the daily menu. And the usual cafes, restaurants all seem unattractive!

For a foodie who thinks in terms of flavor and quality rather than the quantity, finding a fellow foodie is very difficult and when I found my new friend – I was extremely happy.

I now had someone to hang out with, eat out with and explore good food places with!

And we always plan our day around food – working longer hours meant no long lunch hour. Slow day at work meant there was time for dessert. And a sad/emotionally wrecking day meant ice cream or sweets!!!

So whenever we talk about choosing something over food or food time, I always say “It’s a matter of Food & Death! So choose wisely.”

It has become a routine for us, a ritual to say this.

There must have been countless memories, rituals that were created with friends both old and new…and sometimes I wish I remembered all of them…though I did possess the sense to note them all down, unfortunately those notebooks remain lost.

So here’s a salute to all those seemingly innocuous but golden times that made daily life better 🙂 ❤



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