On Moving & Moving On

It’s not really a thing I can boast of, but…I pack really well. I am a great PACKER.

It might be because of all the times I moved, the countless hours I have spent just fitting things where they weren’t or maybe the countless scrapes,nicks and curses followed by a deep rooted satisfaction that I did it!

I’ve had so many years of experience packing, I sometimes think I should maybe start a packing business of my own. Lol 😛

I remember all those times I had to fit in way too many things into a limited number of cases. It was real-time optimization for me 😀

Even my family members call me over – asking me to pack their stuff for them.

Just 2 weeks back, I was helping in moving. I was called to the room, was pointed at a huge wardrobe and huge suitcases and told to get going!!!

It’s funny how different it feels when you are packing for a trip.
Each time I place a dress inside the bag, I imagine the location, time and place where it would be worn and how it would look.
There is an excitement, the thrill of impending adventure, the awe at going somewhere you never went before. You look forward to it, you barely contain your glee, your thoughts keep flitting around and you can’t sleep for the love of life!

But then sometimes, there’s the disquiet when I know I’m packing for good. That things won’t be the same after this, that you hope to but may never come back to this place, to this point in time. With each item I place inside the bag, I relive the memories that led to it, the hurts, the love, the joy that had brought me to that one single precipice. And on that thin edge, I stand wondering if all the decisions I made were right, if the next step makes sense, and if there’s actually an option for me to re-think. Many times, I realize that things are already on its way, that it’s too late to change courses.

But then I grasp that despite everything, I wouldn’t have changed anything.

Suddenly, visions of enticing possibilities stretch beyond and nothing quells the happiness.

Moving is good, moving on is great 🙂 ❤



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