Choosing to not choose

I had always thought great of those who pursued their dreams and had turned their backs on responsibilities…more importantly societal pressure.

But then I remember that they gave up many many other things for that one single goal of theirs.

I honestly will tell you, though I would love to live a life carefree forever and in pursuit of that one amazing passion you have, I just am not cut out for it. Many of my friends also admit that they prefer the joy creature comforts and a settled (not so boring) life and routine brings. The sort of calm warmth you would feel when the sun falls on your hands on a bleak and rainy day.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have ambition, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the talent. I realized very late that most times, it was a conscious choice – not of understanding this is what you are meant for, rather understanding what you are not meant for.

And now, today, I realize, they didn’t exactly give up on the adrenaline, they just found an alternate source to it. And it warmed my heart to know, to finally see that they were happy, and that there was nothing wrong in not choosing something.

It changed the way I longingly looked at the ones who had forsaken all for one.

It changed the way I thought that preferring a normal routine is weird. 🙂

Just saying that not choosing is also a choice, and sometimes you’ll turn out to be the happiest of them all! ❤



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