One Year and a New Belt

One fine morning, as I clatter away on my keyboard, I get a mail that said – “Congratulations! It’s been a year…” and I go “Say what?!”.

It has been a year. A year. A YEAR!

If you ask me what happened during that one year, it’s all a big blur. Was it a good year – no clue. What were the best and worst moments? No memory at all.

Whole day I was sweating ‘coz I had no answers to these basic questions.
I mean, what exactly was I doing all this time?

Apart from the fact that I remember the past year in terms of food joints, rather than anything else, made me rethink. Was food the only thing worth remembering about the one year I had ventured tentatively into adulthood?

No no…that couldn’t be right. Right? πŸ˜•

Well thankfully, I was able to compile a list of good things that happened at 2 AM in the morning, coz hey….what else to do at 2 AM!

My list went something like this…

  1. Tried a lot of good food
  2. Made new friends
  3. Learned a lot
  4. Bought my own shoes (with the money I made)
  5. Went shopping a lot
  6. Discovered awesome restaurants/cafes
  7. Started cooking good food (other than noodles and dosa!)

and so on…

I know that my list and my priorities revolved around food a lot, but it’s still good. πŸ˜›

In a year, I found that it was extremely difficult to live life on your terms, because one had to work for it.

I understood that getting a paycheck meant nothing unless you knew what to do with it (did not mean shopping!).

I learnt the hard way that your time, your health and your life is purely your responsibility – no one, and I mean no one would ever tell you that you have to prioritize your work and personal life.

That you have to eat on time, that you have to exercise to release the stress, that you need to always focus on balancing your work with your personal time.

That was the biggest struggle for me – to understand when one should stop working.

I was so used to 2 AM snacks and huge dark circles when I realized I could go nowhere unless I reined myself.

Unless I knew how to sneak in quick naps between meetings and calls.

But its all good. I finally started to adult! πŸ™‚

Although I kinda hate that time doesn’t stand still, that I am not forever 20 and apart from all those times where I dislike adulting, I’m just lovin’ it.

It’s been a revelation for me.

I never knew I could actually cook and clean and do my own laundry without major catastrophes (minor ones are acceptable and expected).

So here I am, a year older, a year wiser and a whole lot of moments under my new shiny belt.


Good Luck & Happy Adulting!



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