Thanks for that!

Hey to the person sitting right next to my cubicle.

Guess what, it’s been a delight listening to you diss me.

Your euphemisms for me like “expert”, “specialist”, “gold medalist” etc are all just “heartwarming” to listen to.

I guess you think you’re all that and I assure you, you are what you are – nothing and nothing more. *Smirk*

It’s so reassuring for me to know that there are people who care about me so much they keep track of my movements, my calls, my days off, my work hours.

So when you talk to your friend who is just like you about “that” girl doing some “random” training please understand that it sounds very nice.

Your overwhelming concern whether I’m in any particular designation and whether I’m being paid salary is truly touching. Truly.

So when you and your friend deign me worthy enough for titles like “MBA” and “Business Expert” and “Mathematics Expert”, I hope you know how much they fill me with “joy”.

I’m really thankful to you for providing a “supportive” and “rich” work environment.

I’m really grateful to you since you’ve been “imparting” knowledge with all your years of wisdom to such a junior person like me.

Really, thank you.

You’ve made me realize exactly whom I should not turn out to be.

So, thanks for that!


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