Head Against the Wall

Are there times when you are so exasperated that you just go and put your head against the wall and curse in a low voice?

Well, I’ve been having them A LOT lately – especially last week.

This is the tail end of a two-hour long discussion with a colleague to whom I was explaining some deliverable and why we have to do it and what we have to do and who is asking for it.

Me: (Reiterating for confirmation) So we have got to do A,B and C and deliver it tomorrow, right? Cool.

Mr I: Yes, so the intention of the KPIs are to….blah…blah….whatever I said to him he says back….blah….blah….

Me: Right. Okay. Cool. So I’ll send our Part 1 for all three KPIs to you by tonight. You can work on Part 2 by Tomorrow Noon.

Mr I: Correct. Absolutely right. The idea around having 3 KPIs like A,B and C is that…blah….blah…whatever said before….blah…blah…

Me: I understand what you’re getting at. Right, I’ll call you if anything is required. Thanks.

Mr I: Yes, yes okay. But before you start, you have to understand that we have 3 KPIs and we are looking to creating…blah…blah..out of….blah….with respect to….blah…big words….blah…whatever was said in Point #1 and 2…blah…blah…

Mental Voice: I was the one who conceptualized the whole thing. I think maybe,just maybe, I know what you’re enlightening me on. You know…it’s a possibility, right? Although it may sound far-fetched to you and is not getting through your incredibly and amazingly dense cranium that the spiel being delivered to me by you is not of any incremental value!!!


Me: (Trying not to put the phone down and scream) Right. I know. Thank you.

So what do I do? Put the phone down extra gently. Walk gracefully to the nearest wall. Place my head at an angle of 35 degrees to my body and curse.

So relieving!

People, you must try this. It works. Most of the times.




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