Hi All,

This is a post I’ve been putting off for a while now.

This is a weekend trip I made to the historic places Belur & Halebeedu to admire and gaze at the majestic temples and incredibly detailed architecture of the Hoysala Empire.

I will detail my journey through pictures. And I will admit the itinerary was taken from the KSRTC website (very convenient & detailed!), but travelled in my own car with my family.

Before I get into the trip details, a few tips:

  1. Take your own food – better to be safe than sorry because you might not exactly get hygienic places.
  2. Carry more than enough water and sunscreen – no matter how pleasant the weather is the sun’s rays reflecting off the rock will heat you up in no time.
  3. Be prepared to hike – it’s nothing adventurous but just be ready to climb 500+ steps on hillsides on each hill you plan to visit. You can also get a palanquin for the weary travellers.
  4. Just take it all in and enjoy! πŸ™‚
We went in the tourist season and so was very crowded. You can see the climb I was mentioning.

Belur (locally called Belooru) is the temple town of Hassan district in Karnataka. It is a prime tourist destination in South India because historically, Belur was the capital of Hoysala Empire which is known for its unique architecture eponymously called Hoysala Architecture. This is markedly different from the Chola and Chera architecture seen in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I’m sure you will be able to find more information on this online.

The place is about 220 kms away from the metropolitan city of Bangalore aka Bengaluru.

We went to Belur first and then to Halebeedu which is just 25 kms from Belur.

We visited the Channakesava Temple, Gomateswara Statue, Shravanabelagola Temple, Hoysaleswara Temple etc which are all must-see.

Unfortunately, I was not able to click pics of the humongous Lord Buddha statue aka Lord Bahubali πŸ˜‰ but will post the rest good ones.

Tyagada Brahmadeva Pillar (2.3 m tall). I’m standing for reference πŸ™‚
Temple Complex at Belur
Temple Complex at Belur
The Level of Detailing
Temple Complex at Belur
Temple Complex at Halebeedu
Feels like a portal is gonna open any second!

Thanks πŸ™‚


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