Lemon, Rug.

The past 6-7 months of my life has been a series of lemons being squeezed into my eyes and rugs being pulled under me. Hence the title.

It might sound amusing. But it was stressful.

Long story short, I had a great work opportunity come my way (new role, better salary, new location), it was started with such immediacy and importance, one wouldn’t realize that it would get snatched away in a very political fashion (would have made Brutus/Caesar/Anthony proud). I waited and worked patiently for months before I realized I was being played with. At first, I was shocked at the extent to which people played games. Then, I became pissed. I was so angry that I wanted to just rip the whole world apart. Then, I went into this blessed numbness where I gave zero effs (pardon my french).

I went through a long period of not knowing what to do.

I started on a search for another job. After a long time of not striking anything, I finally got an amazing offer that made it quite easy to decide to quit, but within a week, my great work opportunity got kick-started again, my travel got finalized, and I traveled to the new office. All within a week’s time. Which made me more pissed that what should have taken only a week took me months. But then I am someone who believes that good things take time and patience. And with that in mind, with me already geared to not expecting anyone to apologize for their games, yet prepared to tackle the future, I now sit in the new office.

It’s Day 4 today. The weather is beautiful. The view from the office is amazing. I stand above clouds, above towers, gazing distantly into the sea. I know I’m surrounded by those very people who did the mean politics they did to me. But that doesn’t deter me.

I will only say five words. Stay strong and hold on.

If you can hold on just a bit longer, you’ll get through it. Nothing ever is ever endless. Nothing.

Pain and anger fades.

It takes time. But you’ve gotta stay strong and hold on. Remember, you’ve got a reason, a driving force that pushes you and you need to hold on in order to realize that dream you have.


S ❤


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