Don’t listen to them

They’ll be the ones who make an effort to come and talk to you, not because they care, they pretend to.

Because they want to hear some news from you.

They talk in such a nice and unassuming manner, you’ll be fooled into thinking they’re good.

They talk so softly, so sweetly you’d almost miss the barbs from their mouth.

They talk to you, and ultimately all comments about you would be a critique on your actions.

I’ve met so many of these people that I now can register them the instant they talk. Somehow I see through their facade.

Inside my mind, I raise an eyebrow as they speak. Outwardly, I listen intently.

A great man once said, It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.

And I realise the true value of that statement today, now, as I deal with such people who try to bring you down.

Guess what, the first step is realising who are your true friends…the rest will follow.

No matter what, have faith in yourself ❤️


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