What is that one moment that you carry with you forever?

That one moment which is always your go-to instant when everything was gilded in gold and time seemed still.

For me there were thousands.

Thousands of memories where my belly fluttered and my head swam.
Maybe from excitement, maybe from awe.

I have gaped countless times, marveled many things, been astounded by sights, places, people…but nothing moved me more than those conversations I had with random strangers.

Somewhere, somehow, we get into deep and philosophical discussions…and somehow they find me when I am in need of their wisdom, experience and advise.

I still hold very close to my heart, those words they uttered to me, for they lifted me up when I was in dire need of encouraging words, and they came, spoke and changed me for the better. They didn’t know who I was, they even said the words so appropriate for the context it surprised me.

And it was in those moments of surprised happiness that I understood the true meaning of the word ‘Brilliance’.

Brilliance. 🙂

It’s when the sun shines special for an instant, making everything glow gold.
It’s having that one indentation in a seemingly eternal journey.

May you be blessed with thousands of such moments ❤ S


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