Welcome to The Office.

If you do any of these things, trust me I understand your pain. Truly.

  1. When you have to come early and stay late at office not because you have work but because you’re expected to.
  2. When it’s perfectly acceptable for people to have an in-person meeting during the weekend for status updates.
  3. When your Whatsapp should be on in case your manager wants to check up on you.
  4. When you need to keep all your weekends open in case your manager feels like giving you “CRITICAL” work.
  5. When “messengers” insist that they know every detail of your life so that they can update others on it.
  6. When you reach office and you need to take frequent bathroom breaks and just sit and take a deep breath of fresh air. Yep, I did mean fresh air.
  7. When you have to motivate yourself with success quotes…or memes…every single day.
  8. When you catch yourself calculating the days, hours and minutes to weekend.
  9. When you marvel at those who leave office by 5 PM.
    Who are these creatures? Where do they work at? Can I get a job there?
  10. When every time you are in a cab, you look at the outside world and wonder “Hmm…wish I knew what talking to real people felt like”.
  11. When you need a new stress ball every week.
  12. When you are in a new city and you haven’t even seen the place, because you have office from 8.30 AM till 8.30 PM or more…
  13. When you haven’t seen anything beyond your bed at home…
  14. When you haven’t seen sunlight…
  15. When you just haven’t.

Guess what, welcome to your new work environment.
Welcome to The Office.


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