Things that irritate me.

  1. Having a meeting at 9.30 AM on December 25th. It’s Christmas morning, for chrissakes!!!
  2. Involving me in unnecessary meetings to make me feel important. Dude, making me go to meetings and meet people when I am leaving the organisation is not the way to make me feel valued. It makes me question you – “Why didn’t you do this before?”
  3. Your thinking I would not leave despite the mistreatment and false promises.
  4. Telling me I am here for a technical role. And then making me edit others’ PowerPoints full time.
  5. Assuming I’m stupid because I’m less experienced/a girl.
  6. Assuming I cannot understand business/technology just because.
  7. Assuming I cannot do anything beyond PowerPoint.
  8. Assuming I can’t.
  9. FALSE PROMISES. Nothing is going to make me believe you after everything you’ve said and done. Nothing.

Thank you for making me realize what I shouldn’t put up with.
Thank you for showing me the worst work environment anyone could ever have.


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